Holy Frijole

No, no literary news. The fate of the nation is just too damn important. Virginia and Montana are tight, but Tester and Webb are both ahead and it’s looking possible that the Demos will get the Senate too.

Bush has called a press conference for 1:00 PM EST. What is this guy going to say? What is he going to do to spin this when he just got drop-kicked by the votes of the people?


  1. “What is this guy going to say?”

    Some possibilities:

    “Please don’t hurt me!”

    “I’m still The Decider.”

    “Rummy, you’re fired.”

    “I resign the presidency effective… But first… Hey, Cheney! Go nuke me a burrito. And turn the microwave up on FULL.”

    Either or both of the last two would make me happy.

    More likely, he’ll say…

    “Screw you, America!”

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