If you guys are LOST fans, just… wow

Have at it in the comments section, but I’m psyched and I’m speechless… where do they go from here?


  1. Well, at least we now know why Ben hates Carl so much. I was not going to SLEEP until they got to the bottom of that!

    In all seriousness…tonight delivered, and eight months is a long time.

  2. My question is: will post-island life become the new ‘A’ story and all flashbacks will now focus on the island and what went down in the intervening time between Jack making the phone call and the castaways actually climbing aboard helicopters (they dragged 90 days into three years, I’m sure A LOT happened in that time.) ?

  3. Omigod. I completely think next season will be in the future, with flashbacks to the island. This season finale was so much fun to watch. I love that I’m always surprised by the writers.

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