1. thanks for the link to my first DFW installment. the next one is now up with one or two or three to follow. you are right — there is something about him (much as one tries to deny it) — his thorough writing and acute observations do rub off a bit. at least i didn’t get all cutesy with a million footnotes and subfootnotes!

  2. yikes — i had not read I Smell Bear’s post on DFW until after I posted my comment here. i had no idea she used a footnote. no harm meant. i was referring to the many reviewers of his work who seem unable to not footnote everything in their reviews. my apologies to you, Gina, the poster and to I Smell Bear…she only used one footnote and it was quite funny. hardly the stuff of “cutsie”….

  3. Whew! Probably you and Ing, at *I Smell Bear, would get on like a house on fire. That’s a British expression, the burning house timbers, which still confounds me. Anyway, being located in the middle west, I haven’t seen DFW read since 1995 or thereabouts. I’m glad to see two write ups and likewise I figured more of us here would too.

  4. DFW does make me want to footnote and imitate and write these long and winding sentences. He’s so infuriatingly good, and his punctuation! Arr!

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