Richard Powers on Mozart’s Skull

As regular readers may or may not know, we are mad about Richard Powers. I mean, we’re talking mad to the level of reading all of his books (two of them twice) and having a very special Richard Powers section on our stacks. So it was with considerable embarassment that one Tayari Jones snickered at us (wholly deserved!) for missing this New York Times article that the Goldbug Man wrote on Mozart’s skull a few weeks ago. We pledge to keep more vigilant on the Powers front.

Incidentally, Powers has a new book coming out in October called The Echo Maker. When we aren’t trying to produce five podcasts for the LBC (along with several others), we will begin thorough investigation to atone for our sins.

In the meantime, Radioactive Banana is on the case.

[UPDATE: Kirstin writes in to let me know that Richard Powers is contributing editor to A Public Space, a new magazine of “fiction that matters” put together by former Paris Review editor Brigid Hughes. There doesn’t appear to be a table of contents for Issue No. 1, but Kelly Link has a story and this definitely looks promising!]


  1. Just as a matter of curiousity, whenwhy are we refering to ourselves in as royalty?

    I suppose it’s better than third person. Just the voices in your head instead of the voices in other people’s head’s.

  2. not to belabor the DFW thread from previous post…but during the reading i attended recently, he mentioned that Powers (and Vollman) was among the most important and influential writers living today. so props to you. i haven’t even written that “installment” yet. we could all benefit from a little more powers — he’s divine.

  3. Yes, I am indeed on the case! Pleased to make the acquaintance of a fellow fan! And did you know that RP is a contributing editor of the new literary magazine A Public Space? I read it in Poets & Writers, but check it out at It is a categorical imperative for me to buy anything that man writes.

  4. Ed,

    Tis very simple to stay abreast of all Richard Powers articles. Simply make yourself a Google news alert for the following search string: “Richard Powers”.

    Delivered right to your inbox, daily.

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