Insomnia-Charged Roundup

  • Audrey Niffenegger confesses that she wrote the sex scenes in The Time Traveler’s Wife last. Niffenegger is also penning a a writing book called You’ll Only Finish Your Novel If You Save the Best for Last.
  • Thomas Harris has finished yet another Hannibal novel, which will not only describe how Lecter developed his appetite for evil, but include a metafictional subplot involving how Harris developed his appetite for beating a dead horse.
  • Ten writers have won Whiting Writers’ Awards, including Dan Chiasson, Alison Glock, A. Van Jordan and Tracey Scott Wilson. Each will receive $35,000, a Tijuana vacation for two, and the keys to Tina Brown’s Beamer for one weekend.
  • J.M. Coetzee tackles Philip Roth.
  • Susanna Clarke has nothing on Lula Parsons. Parsons took 50 years to write her novel. She’s 92.
  • Frank Darabont’s script for Indiana Jones 4 was rejected by Lucas. Now it’s Jeff (The Terminal) Nathanson on hand and an almost certain temple of doom.
  • The Flaming Lips are publishing a photo book.
  • Michiko’s verdict on Charlotte Simmons? A flat-footed new novel. The Sun also calls it “Wolfe’s worst novel.” This does not augur well.


  1. What’s with the steady decline in the catchiness of these Harris novels? First we had Red Dragon (catchy), then Silence of the Lambs (also catchy), then Hannibal (eh), and now…Behind the Mask? I guess it’ll be the story of Lecter’s rise to fame, inevitable drug- and alcohol-fueled downfall, and subsequent detox/rehab/redemption, with a coda where we find that he’s now working with kids. I can’t wait for the next few books in this series:

    The Guy Who Ate People
    He Just Loves to Kill
    More Psycho Murder Stuff
    Anthony Hopkins Won’t Return My Calls
    Please Buy This Book

  2. The Monday Morning Books-Blogging Post

    This Week: Joyce Carol Oates, Tom Wolfe, Science Fiction, and More “Facile”: a review of Joyce Carol Oates’ novel The Tatooed Girl. [The Little Professor] Dizzying: a profile of Tom Wolfe written in the Tom-Wolfe style. [The New York Times

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