Is Emma Brockes A Competent Interviewer? No.

I’m getting really tired of these Margaret Atwood profiles that paint Atwood as an overly serious and dowdy woman, rather than concentrating upon her writing talents. The headline here may as well have read: Margaret Atwood: Humorless Bitch or Not? Well, certainly her novels can be bleak, but it hasn’t occurred to Emma Brockes that she might be asking some really moronic questions. And I have to wonder if the Guardian would have been as nasty if, say, Martin Amis was as forthright as Atwood is in this article.

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  1. My impression of her last week was quite the opposite to Brockes’. She is a bit of a chilly personality, but I thought she was witty and engaging–someone who values intelligent conversation and tries very hard not to appear jaded. I guess the key is that the conversation be intelligent…

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