Reading Recommendations

So far, thanks to the blogosphere, I’ve read Ian Rankin thanks to a recommendation from Sarah, Kate Christensen thanks to a rec from Ron, and (soon) John Banville thanks to a rec from Mark. Now Rake gets into the game and tells us that Jack Butler’s Jujitsu for Christ is the shit. Okay. Sold!


  1. I will confirm this assessment, and extend it: Jack Butler is The Man. See also the radically different NIGHTSHADE, narrated by a vampire in space, and LIVING IN LITTLE ROCK WITH MISS LITTLE ROCK, narrated by the Holy Spirit.

  2. I have Living in Little Rock on the to-read pile, so I can’t give an assessment on it yet. I believe Butler most recently published a kind of thriller called Dreamer (a “New Age thriller,” in fact!), which is set in Santa Fe (where he currently lives and teaches at the College of SF). He also has a cookbook out: Jack’s Skillet: Plain Talk and Recipes from a Guy in the Kitchen. Can’t vouch for that one yet, either.

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