Johnny Hart, 1931-2007


Jewish Journal: “In the days leading up to its publication, the Easter Sunday strip, which featured quotations from the New Testament juxtaposed against images of a burning, seven-branched menorah that transforms into a crucifix, became the object of concern among Jewish watchdog agencies. The 71-year-old Hart has written and drawn ‘B.C.’ since 1958, which appears in roughly 1,300 newspapers, reaching millions of families around the world. Hart, a devout Christian, has increasingly presented strips with explicit religious overtones.”

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  1. OMG! The kid with freckles is voiced by the villain from “The Princess Bride”! (The balding short guy who keeps saying “Inconceivable!”) Only realized it because he said, “Very well then, you leave me no choice…” just like that in the movie.


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