Katrina Headlines IV

  • Major spike in water level at Lake Pontchartian.
  • Instapundit uses the hurricane footage as an excuse to get into a personal pissing match. Classy, Reynolds.
  • Local coverage: 15,000 people are trapped on I-10 behind an accident.
  • More great coverage at Storm Digest and Brendan Loy.
  • Endless tales of people stubbornly staying at the French Quarter.
  • More live blogging.
  • KHOU: If the eye passes over the high-rise buildings, the windows will blow. Regardless of this, the buildings will sway. People secured in central ballrooms, often on third floors. All gabled roofs will fail.
  • More resources from About Last Night.
  • Also of note: Times-Picayune reporter Jon Donley, trapped in the Hurricane Bunker.

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