Katrina Headlines V

  • CNN: “We need to recognize we may be about to experience our equivalent of the Asian tsunami, in terms of the damage and the numbers of people that can be killed.”
  • Katrina hits land with 145 mph winds. Electrical power at Superdome failed at 5:02 AM EST.
  • From Jon Donley: High rise windows blowing out, building collapses perhaps with people inside, somehow still power to blog from Times-Picayune building.
  • Louisiana Governor Blanco: Too early to assess damage, casualties.
  • Newspaper account from inside the Superdome.
  • Building codes in New Orleans not up to snuff.
  • Katrina so powerful that Florida panhandle hit with 46 mph winds.
  • Couple spends thousands on limo to get out of town.
  • Beyond money, Red Cross needs phone volunteers.
  • CNN IS NOW REPORTING THAT A PORTION OF THE SUPERDOME IS STARTING TO PEEL AWAY. (However, Superdome was constructed with multiple layers.)
  • Jeff offers his rememberances.

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