Keira Knightley + Ian McEwan = Recipe for Disaster?

Romancing the Tome observes that a film adaptation of Ian McEwan’s great novel Atonement is in the works. Attached to the project is Joe Wright and Keira Knightley, the team behind last year’s Pride and Prejudice adaptation. Knightley is playing Cecilia. Even stranger, Rue McClanahan is involved. It seems strange to me that Wright seems single-handedly committed to classing up Knightley’s career. Maybe it’s just me, but compared with, say, Sarah Polley five years ago, I really don’t see her as an actor of considerable heft.


  1. cecelia is described as very thin, with a long but beautiful sort of planar face and dark eyes. when i read the novel, i thought that maybe mcewan was actually describing a picture of keira knightley.

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