Like a Fiery Antiquarian

Ever since finishing Jonathan Coe’s Like a Fiery Elephant quite a while ago, an excellent biography that I will go into length at in another venue (I’m dancing as fast as I can!), I have been extremely curious about reading the works of the biography’s subject, B.S. Johnson. Johnson died tragically young of a suicide, but during his brief life, he dared to publish novels with holes that allowed the reader to “see into the future” (Albert Angelo) and he also infamously published The Unfortunates, which involved pages contained within a box, to be shuffled in whatever order the reader decided.

Well, one Golden Rule Jones has begun the legwork, searching for a copy of Albert Angelo with the holes. And I’ll let his post speak for itself. He also points to this B.S. Johnson Flickr tag. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the Complete Review’s coverage of Johnson titles.

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