Stalk Dr. Mabuse (and a Few Other Bloggers)!

So if you plan on stalking me, you have a great opportunity to do so this week.

If you’re in the San Francisco area, I will be at the Jonathan Ames reading tonight at the Booksmith.

On Wednesday night, I’ll be hopping across the Bay to catch Rebecca Solnit. Word on the street has it that Mr. Esposito and Mr. Perez will also be there.

And although it’s been receiving almost no coverage from my peers (not even panelist Kevin Smokler! for shame!), this City’s annual Books by the Bay is going down this Saturday. It will feature several authors and other book-related happenings, all at the Yerba Buena Gardens. I will be there as well, with a ridiculous collection of electronics attached to my body. I will return here sometime later to offer a sizable report.

And for all you podcasting freaks, there are several (multiple!) episodes of Segundo in the works, many of which will be posted this week and next.

Keep watching the skies.

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