List of Possible Titles for New Brigid Hughes Magazine (Dated March 2005)

A Private Shack
A Soul Apart
A Ryder Rental
Plimpton’s Enigma
Won’t Sell Out
George is Holding on Line Five
Revue Review
Lit My Fire
Lit Me Darkly
Lit Me Beer Me Seduce Me
Literary Merlot
Tales for George
Tower of Richard Powers
Surrender, Dorothy Parker
Bridgid’s Bitchin’ New Mag
Hughes & Plimpton: Together Again
The Peoria Review
The Paris Review Review
Melt My Tallow
The Disbeliever
The Atlantic’s Remains
Kiss Me, Short Story
Do What You Like
Do Like You Do
Mr. Do’s Literary Castle
Slush Puppy Pile
Form Acceptance Letter
We Put the Ink in Slink
Quarterly Schmarterly
A Public Bus Shelter
A Public Telephone
A Public Television Pledge Drive
We Pay Writers, They Don’t
A Private Cache
A Private Privacy
A Public Privacy
A Public Space