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The good folks at Red Hen Press have just put out the latest issue (#2 — 2005) of The Los Angeles Review, where a review of Kevin Starr’s Coast of Dreams can be found, penned by yours truly. Here’s the opening paragraph:

Kevin Starr is a one-man juggernaut, as if he decided early in life to take on Hubert Howe Bancroft’s “history factory” approach single-handedly. In his chronicles of the politicos, burgeoning movements, ethnic struggles and artistic trends of the Golden State, he’s taken special care to unearth both the obvious and the obscure figures that make up California’s unique cultural identity. We revel in Starr’s obsessive grasp of the past, only imagining how ebullient the man might be on a caffeine bender.

You’ll also find my thoughts on Starr’s out-of-print novel Land’s End and some speculation on Starr’s move to Random House. I can’t possibly fathom the idea of an Ed Champion completist out there in the crowd, so I should also note that there are contributions by my esteemed colleagues Mark Sarvas and Laila Lalami, as well as a remarkable array of fiction and poetry. All for fourteen bucks. Cheaper than a night out for drinks and you won’t lose any brain cells or wake up the next morning with an unfortunate surprise lying next to you. Do check it out.

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  1. I’d like to think that the three or four of us that have the Ed Champion chapbook, Wanking in Public – My Life as a Litblogger, would consider ourselves completists. On to Red Hen Press!

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