1. It’s not really Bret: “This is an unofficial myspace profile of Bret. It was created by a fan of his work and is for his fans. Suggestions, corrections and compliments are welcome.”

  2. No kidding.

    Well, I just checked and I am happy to be one of Bret’s 980 MySpace friends.

    He is a sweetheart.

    In the fall of 1987, when I was at the MacDowell Colony with Meg Wolitzer, she told me, “Bret is a sweetheart.” I was skeptical.

    A few months later, I was in Miami talking to Tama Janowitz and she said almost the same thing: “Oh, he’s an absolute sweetheart.” I was still dubious.

    But then, later in 1988, I met Bret and spoke with him and he really was a sweetheart. I’ve seen him two other times, and he still seemed like a sweetheart.

    My favorite book of his is The Rules of Attraction, but the movie wasn’t so great.

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