Major Newspaper Introduces Book Spoiler Policy

USA Today has spoiled the ending to the next Dark Tower installment. I won’t even bother to link to the article, but, needless to say, seeing as how I was five books into the Dark Tower saga, I was planning on reading the other two as comfort reads. And, of course, I accidentally read the piece of information. But this throws a new monkey wrench in the grand book coverage debate. What kind of evil bastard kills a book by revealing the ending?

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  1. Allow me to top that–in the now defunct New Times LA, there was a profile of Michael Connelly that ran in 2001, that gave away the ending of the book he had just completed–in other words, that book (which ended up being CITY OF BONES) wouldn’t see publication for fourteen months after that profile ran.

    Not surprisingly, everybody was rather pissed off about it.

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