Mark Ames’ Republican Challenge

Based on phone calls and emails I’ve received today, nearly every political junkie I know, even the half-hearted ones, are starting to go insane, becoming giddily hubristic in their pronouncements. Case in point: The eXile’s Mark Ames is so convinced that the Republicans will take both houses that he’s willing to register with the Republican Party by the end of the year. But that ain’t all:

Whoever challenges me has to agree to the following: If the Republicans hold on to both houses of Congress, then my challenger(s) must sign a statement confessing that America’s experiment with democracy has failed. That America’s democracy can no longer be excused as “imperfect,” but rather, as your public confession will stress, democracy is the root of America’s problem. Your solution? You pledge to support the peaceful transfer of power to a junta, which will work to “restore order.”

(Thanks, Richard!)

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