Maybe I’m Daft, But In What Way is This Plotline “Smart”?

“Smart Girls Need Smart Porn”: “But the plot is one I would enjoy in a book. A human baby, Zuma, is abducted from Earth and taken to the other side of the galaxy to be raised as a slave. At age 25, her owner forces her into the arena as a sexual gladiator, where she finds her true calling and begins her rise to champion. In these contests, it’s make love not war, and the winner is the one who brings the other to orgasm first.”

One Comment

  1. It’s not just smart, it’s GENIUS–because in all those years of writing, John Norman never managed to think that up, and he was smart!

    Oh, wait, the other side of the GALAXY. I thought it was just the other side of the SUN. Never mind.

    Also, who the hell names a kid Zuma?

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