Venn Diagram Needed for Those Trying to Date a Podcaster

VNUNet: “US internet users are more likely to download a podcast than try and find a partner online, a new study has revealed. According to research firm Nielsen//NetRatings, 9.2 million web users, nearly seven per cent of the online adult US population, recently downloaded an audio podcast.”

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  1. Oh, fer cryin’ out loud. I love comparisons like this, because they irk me so much. (I seem to like irkishness. Go figure.)

    Isn’t this a little like saying people are more likely to eat frog’s legs than they are to eat a toaster? And they’re more likely to jump into the Grand Canyon than they are to jump on the moon. They’re more likely to… well, you get the idea. One just doesn’t have anything to do with the other.

    Thanks for pointing it out, though. I needed a good afternoon irk.

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