Michael Jackson Dead

While TMZ and Gawker are reporting that Michael Jackson is dead, I wish to point out that there has been no official confirmation of his death. I spoke with Craig Harvey of the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office and he informed me that there was no official confirmation of his death as of 3:00 PM Pacific Time. The person who is legally obligated to confirm the death is Jackson’s physician. And as of yet, there has been no official announcement.

UPDATE: As of 3:15 PM Pacific Time, the Los Angeles Times reports that Michael Jackson is dead after arriving at a hospital in a deep coma.

UPDATE 2: Michael Jackson’s death confirmed by AP (as picked up by The New York Times). (Thanks for the minor correction, vidiot.)


  1. Like I said before: Steven Augustine is the best known troll on the internet. The fact that I even know your name is quite a feat, dipshit.

  2. CTR:

    It’s slightly ironic that between the two of us, I’m not the one hiding behind a non-name, or tossing ad hominems at someone who was heretofore unaware of my existence, or posting comments with zero-content (if you ignore the animus)… and yet you’re calling *me* a “troll”. And “dipshit” is not exactly a Leavisite vocabulary word.

    But, sure, I’ll take you as a kind of stalker/twisted fan.

    More Trolling to Piss Off the Facile and Credulous

  3. I was impressed by Quincy Jones using MJ as an example of a hard-working artist in his concept of “ass power” (writers called it Sitzfleisch, I guess) given in Nelson George’s “City Kid”:

    “To illustrate his point, Q compared Michael Jackson to another well-known vocalist he’d produced [I’m pretty sure Nelson can’t name Chaka Khan here for legal reasons]. The other singer, an artist with an immense voice and an insatiable appetite for cocaine, would come to the studio, maybe lay down a scratch vocal, and then wander off for hours. Jackson, in contrast, would come into the studio, record a lead vocal, work on the stacked vocal harmonies that distinguished his work, and practice where to place those ad-libs that were his trademark.

    “His ass power,” Q said, “would keep him in the studio until he felt he accomplished something that day. That ability to focus, to stay in that chair in the studio, listening to playback and then going back in to record some more — that’s what separates the good from the great.”

    As someone who discovered Michael Jackson when I was in my late teens and he was a little boy of 8 or 9, I think he was truly great.

  4. Steven, you’re probably spot on with what is and is not a Leavisite vocabulary word, but you pretty much seem like a fucking dipshit.

  5. ‘Waaah, I don’t care about your dumb opinion.’ Sorry for choosing to point out that you’re being a prick. It’s pretty low hanging fruit compared to your succinct and brave dismantling of a modern deity.

  6. I remember this day…my phone was blowing up with people spreading the news. I’ve never been a huge MJ fan, I admire what he did for music. And I like some of his songs, but that’s about it.


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