Moleskine + Corporate Takeover = Bad Augury?

Having become a Moleskine junkie last year against my better judgment, I’m a bit sad to hear that the company that makes those delicious books has put itself up for sale. Mario Beruzzi, who relaunched Moleskine in 1998, says that he’s overextended. The concern I have is whether a larger company will be able to produce the notebooks with the same quality and thoroughness that Moleskine currently puts into their product line. I certainly hope Beruzzi and company are being as meticulous with a buyer as they are with their notebooks. To get a clear-cut answer on this issue, I plan to track down the Moleskine people at BookExpo and ask them some hard questions about this. In the meantime, perhaps it’s time to load up on notebooks while they remain dependable and durable. (via Moleskinerie)

[UPDATE: Moleskinerie has received an official statement from Modo & Modo on this issue.]

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