Monday Afternoon Roundup

  • A brief goose-step from deadline dancing for some afternoon discoveries.
  • Due to considerable labor I needed to apply elsewhere, I had to bow out of the Litblog Co-Op. But I’m pleased to observe that they’re back in action this quarter, having selected Matthew Eck’s The Farther Shore as their Read This! pick.
  • Scott Esposito has unleashed a brand new issue of The Quarterly Conversation.
  • The magnificent Scarlett Thomas can be found at the Independent, chronicling how technology affects her writing. (via Bookslut)
  • Sarah examines mysteries outside of America and Britain.
  • Some great news for Vollmann fans. Vollmann and Madison Smartt Bell have both been awarded the Strauss Living Awards. They will both receive $50,000 a year over the next five years to devote themselves to writing. Hopefully, in Vollmann’s case, this will help him finish up the remaining three dreams left in his Seven Dreams cycle.


  1. I thought the same thing, Dan. In fact, MSB was the first guy to pinpoint Vollmann’s very specific form of narrator — the guide that was inspired from Poe and Lautreamont. (No other contemporary novelist that I know of does this.)

  2. Hurrah! I’d been waiting for the MacArthur folks to give Volmann a grant, but this is a great alternative.

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