Moody/Experimental Fiction Update

If you’re not reading this site through an RSS feed, then be alerted that the experimental author referenced by Rick Moody has personally responded on these pages. His name is Tim Ramick and his story, “Foursquare” (a PDF to be downloaded and read, whereby the page is split up into four quadrants and the reader jumps from square to square), can be found here.


  1. Tim Ramick, looking to get in touch with Linda. Am a friend of her sister Deborah, and of Arnold, Linda’s step-father. Want her to help me find Debbie. Linda knows me, Marko Modiano, from Gardena. Am in Stockholm. If you are in the family, could you give my email address to Linda and ask her to get in touch with me.

    All the best

    Marko Modiano, Professor of English Literature, Sweden

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