1. Mr. Jones: My profuse apologies. Fixed the title. I reckoned you was a giddy character. Subconscious Freudian slip, that’s all. 🙂

  2. The lack of attention to G Jones side splittingly, injury inducing , insurance premium raising, hilarious novel is deafening. I am beginning to get clear on what Alex Beam meant when he opined that the culture only supports a few new books at a time. Today it’s Chang Rae Lee & Tom Perotta and The Left Behind books. Tomorrow who knows?

    Anyway, the larger issue is for another time. Great that you noticed Good Ginny and that you had G Jones hectoring you on typos.

  3. You’re profousely forgiven but it breaks my heart to see I ain’t among your friends and Romans. I told all 2,114 guys on my little list that they were welcome to stick up a link to my site on their sites and none of them did…well one did, but then took it off. If I knew how to spell pariah I’d think I was one. G.

  4. Oh, not to look a gift horse in the mouth or to be unduly picky and demanding, but Consortium’s the distributor, the publisher’s a guy named Paul Cohen at Monkfish Book Publishing Company. Thanks. G.

  5. I’m waiting for the press junket to Oregon.

    Or when someone,anyone wants to fund my book project—which would eventually bring me to G’s door.

    Or I could start a website, insult everybody in publishing and and hope that there is a publisher I missed who will give me a reasonable advance…


  6. I’m glad the book found a home, and look forward to reading it, once I become a little less destitute (and I don’t say that lightly). Everyone Who’s Anyone is terrific.

    Can we establish once and for all if Ginny Good is a novel or a memoir? Please don’t let it be that most awful of recent literary inventions, the ‘exaggerated memoir.’

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