April Showers

Well, it appears that the damn thing got wiped — courtesy of a few people who commented. Can’t fix it for the next sixteen hours, as I won’t have access to the computer it originated from for sometime. But for those of you who missed it, here are the intro page and the Carl Weathers page. I’ll put the whole thing in a permanent spot tomorrow.

Also: hot damn. Ron’s on the case, covering last night’s Young Lions awards. This is the future. So work it, people. Work it.

Also also: Emails to all tomorrow. Apologies.

Also also also: Jimmy Beck is guesting at the Hag. He’s good. I give him six posts before he starts firing rifles into the air. Give this man some whiskey and give it to him quick.

[UPDATE: Man, only a few hours in and Beck is on a roll. This rant begins with “I had no intentions of getting into the whole Jewish thing, at least until erev Shabbat,” and turns into a side-splitting expose that dares to reveal all. Go read it. Between Beck and Rake, the newcomers are making sure the blogosphere’s a kickass place to be in.]


  1. Ed, Carl Weathers has been appearing, as himself, as Tobias’ acting coach on “Arrested Development.” Attention must be paid, sir.

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