1. Cudos to those who were faster than I! But I got all but 5 in 6 minutes, then sat there retyping “west viginia” a few times cause it wouldn’t take it, silly proggy. It finaly took it without the space inetween the two… oh well.

    So here is the new contest, repeat the same exercise except this time only type with your first two fingers on the right hand, and your primary finger on your left hand, only using your thumb for the space bar. So thats three fingers and one thumb, and retype all 500 or so characters.

    For a point of reference, 33 words (states, including some long & short in the average) is about 269 letters. Couple this fact with the notion of using memory recall and your processing time is extended. In essence to type all 50 states would mean that on average you are quite the speedy typer!

    The math is as follows 170 words per minute (500 char$ divided by 180 seconds = 2.7778 char$ per sec, 2.778 times 60 seconds = 167) @ 450 char$ works out to be 133 wpm. If you figure that the average person types 60-80 wpm, coupled with thinking (postulating) you may loose 20% in accuracy (give or take).

    I however, took my time, and imagined a map in my head, and started with Florida and zig zagged up and down until I reached Alaska. I typed 446 letters at a leisurely pace in about 5 minutes. Or about 89.2 words per minute. Mind you that I type with three fingers and a thumb due to a disability When I type stories and documents, I have been clocked in as high as 182 words per minute..

    A fun exercise non-the-less… :~>


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