1. You heard it here first, my boy: William T. Vollman will win the Nobel Prize in Literature in the year 2019. And no less than a month after Vollman accepts his award, David F. Wallace will pen an ambiguously hostile review of the prize-winning speech.

  2. Very interesting review, Ed — much better than Janet Maslin’s take in the NYT last week. It was useful to read a mixed-to-negative review by someone who I know is intellectually sympathic to Wild Bill’s angle of attack.

    I got a copy of Poor People but will read it mainly as a Vollmann completist — flipping through, it appears too anecdotal and quirky to be more than a footnote to his career. I wish Vollmann would drop these side projects — I’m also thinking of last year’s Cupernicus project and the forthcoming book on Japanese Noh theater — and focus on completing the Seven Dreams and his history of the Imperial Valley, which at least sounds promising.

    Don’t know if it’ll happen in 2019, but I would not be surprised if Vollmann wins the Nobel — I’m not sure there’s another lliving American writer with a better claim on it (since Pynchon’s never going to get it).

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