National Book Awards Coverage Tonight

As you may or may not know, five bloggers are employing various journalistic experiments tonight using an arsenal of technology — some of it theirs, some of it borrowed, some of it having no apparent origin of acquisition that we can trace — at least, not legitimately. But however successful or unsuccessful our efforts, we’ll be covering tonight’s National Book Awards as it happens (and sometimes after it happens).

The following bloggers will be there tonight:

Levi Asher
Jason Boog
Sarah Weinman
Yours truly

So if you want to check out what’s happening tonight on these pages, keep refreshing this page. I’ll be putting up everything under the “National Book Awards” category, reporting impressions, observations, and being an all-around wiseacre. Plus, we’ll be getting up the winners as they are announced.

Stay tuned! It’s just like the Oscar Blog, except we’re actually going to have people attending the ceremonies!

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  1. Seriously. Bring a laser pointer. You can make nipples on Denis Johnson’s suit. Or frogs. Put them into the ventilation and shoot some compressed air so they come out the vents in the ceiling while Hitchens is talking. Then point and scream, something Biblical.

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