1. Ed, that is not a preposterous sentence. It’s supposed to be a guy who is stunned. It’s supposed to be flat. If you want to challenge Delillo decide if this sentence succeeds:

    When he appeared at the door, it was not possible, a man come out of an ash storm, all blood and slag, reeking of burned matter, with pinpoint glints of slivered glass in his face.

  2. You’re like the guy who eats at McDonald’s four times a week who goes to an expensive restaurant and complains that there’s nothing to order, that everything on the menu looks weird.

    Pick on someone who deserves it.

    What has Delillo done to you? The guy keeps the lowest profile possible, is humble and does his job like a pro.

    If you want to say something nasty about a senior citizen, cut out the middle man and give your pops a call.

  3. I liked it.

    It struck me as kind of a “how should everyone react to this horrible event” type of thing. Will his story be just more water, etc?

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