One Thing’s For Sure: Cronkite, She Ain’t

James Wolcott: “No one over the age of 30 should be resorting to all those exclamation marks and capital letters like some juiced-up Crackberry addict. Couric officially bottomed out with a post entitled ‘Katie’s Apple Pie: The Recipe!’ in which she revealed, ‘Mushy apples are the most disappointing, ‘un-a-peeling’ (HA HA) culinary experience there is,’ and described Mutsu apples she picked from the tree as ‘GINORMOUS!’ Perhaps Couric is trying to relate to younger viewers and readers at their own dippy level—never a good idea. Or perhaps she’s trying to prove that despite the dizzy heights she’s reached in the news business, the fame and money that have been slung her way, she’s still the same unspoiled, unpretentious batch of homemade fudge she was before she clawed her way to the top. Katie Couric is caught in a tug-of-war between her serious journalistic side and the girlie side that wants to be everybody’s darling. It’s the girlie side that needs to go.”

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