Philip Roth Goes Hollywood

Variety reports that Philip Roth’s The Dying Animal is headed for the big screen, with Nicholas Meyer scripting and Penelope Cruz, Ben Kingsley and Patricia Clarkson starring. Meyer previously wrote The Human Stain. No word yet on whether Meyer will be addressing David Kepesh’s previous existence as a human-sized mammary gland, but Lakeshore, the company behind this production, is also trying to get a film version of American Pastoral off the ground with director Phillip Noyce attached. So while Noyce may not be much of a breast man, we can only hope that Meyer is.


  1. I read Roth hated the movie version of “The Human Stain.” Does this mean he blames director Robert Benton instead of Meyer? I guess so.

  2. I wonder if he’ll try to seduce Penelope Cruz. According to Radar, Roth, being a “toxic bachelor,” “crowed” about how he’d seduced Nicole Kidman for a while.

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