Reports of the Film Industry’s Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Hollywood Reporter: “The U.S. boxoffice recovered last year from its 2005 slump as it climbed to $9.49 billion in ticket sales — a 5.5% increase over the previous year’s level of $8.99 billion. The domestic boxoffice also rebounded from a three-year decline in admissions. For 2006, according to the MPAA, admissions grew to 1.45 billion, up 3.3% from 2005’s 1.4 billion. The rise in admissions combined with a slight rise in the cost of individual tickets to produce the boost in boxoffice revenue.”

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  1. “To gauge moviegoers’ attitudes, the MPAA turned to a Nielsen Entertainment/NPG survey, which found that 80% of moviegoers said their trip to the multiplex was time and money well spent. Only 16% reported they would have preferred to watch a DVD. Males and females younger than 25 were most enthusiastic about their preference for a movie theater over home viewing.”


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