Pindeldyboz Party on December 10th

Sometimes, when it comes to literary journals, everything good just leaks out of me. Looking at the dark road that has caused Pindeldyboz, a publication with a long history of posting the post-modern, to run out of gas and cease print publication, perhaps it was a fairy tale to expect Pindeldyboz to continue publishing in print forever. The interruptions here of may leave terrible cavities, but I suppose this means that one really long seven-day day comes to an end. Maybe we become that with which we interconnect. Or it’s really a matter of underestimating the amount of syrup flavors at IHOP.

What I do know is that the print edition of Pindeldyboz is toast, with the web edition continuing. And on December 10th at the Slipper Room, there is a party to celebrate this.

If you’re on da fence, wondering whether whether or not you should avoid the rats at the party, or come and crash it, I’d suggest the latter. Do it now!

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