Plagiarism: Cracking Down on the Hard Cases

Plagiarism has found a slimy new instigator in the form of a ten year old Dutch girl. This evil little urchin, whose four ventricles beat of anthracite, a girl who only smiled once in her decade on this earth (just after pushing her babysitter fell down a stair well), handed back prize money from a children’s poetry competition just after eagle-eyed readers noticed that she had lifted the work of children’s author Francine Oomen.

An Amsterdam court ordered the girl to wear a bright red P around her neck until the age of 18. But until the P is forged by the great Amsterdam blacksmith, her parents are taking away her weekly allowance for the next two months.

I say, lock her into a dungeon for eight years and throw away the key.


  1. …and Dylan Thomas, of course, was found out lifting some poetry from the “Arthur Mees’ Children’s Encyclopaedia” when he was just a kid…a magpie habit he became more subtle about later!

  2. Funny post! But shame she is a sweet girl for returning the cash. I would have taken it and ran!!! Totally

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