Pynchon Completist Located After Long Search

gradstudent.JPGAfter a protracted search, Silvia Garmon, a 23-year-old former grad student, has been discovered to be the only person in the United States to have finished reading Thomas Pynchon’s Against the Day. Garmon, who did not see the sun for almost four months, was able to complete Pynchon’s book through sixteen hour reading days and eventually became so immersed in legitimately finishing the book that she dropped out of grad school to complete the task.

Since completing the book, Garmon has been unable to read another book, having suffered from PTPS (Post-Traumatic Pynchon Syndrome), and is not much of a conversationalist. She has managed to respond to any questions that relate to the Chicago World’s Fair, Tesla coils and higher mathematics.


  1. Hey, I also finished the book. It was about light. And Icelandic Spar. Some Math and had a lot of Enjoyable scenes. It turns out it wasn’t a V2 that was “screaming across the Sky”; but something more apocalypso-ishly clever.

    Love from
    Mrs. Gladys Worthington-Groin Punt.

  2. I thought it was much lighter and easier going than GR, and it ends with a sign of hope – characters shack up and have babies, the Chums of Chance are in good spirits, none of that icky Blicero masturbate-while-the-world-ends stuff……

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