Rage Against the Machine to Reform for Coachella?

It seems that this year’s Coachella lineup has been leaked, with Rage Against the Machine headlining Sunday.

Rage Against the Machine. Who disbanded seven years ago.

If this means that the whiny Chris Cornell is permanently out of a job and Zack de la Rocha has finally come to his senses, then, as we say here in California, hell yeah!

[UPDATE: It’s up at the Coachella site. Rage closing on Sunday.]


  1. The problem with Coachella is that it never conforms to my schedule — they have it the same weekend as the LA Times Festival of Books every year without ever asking me if its okay, particularly since I could literally walk (albeit a mile or two) to the concert.

  2. I see Crowded House is getting back together after a ten-year hiatus to play Coachella. Maybe they could have a battle of the “Where Are They Now?” bands on the Too Hot and You Ain’t Got No Water Stage.

  3. It’s called a “wail” NOT a “whine”. And !!!! Cornell has made rock legend with that voice.

    Zack? Eh! How much vocal range do you need with rap? He tends to be nasaly and monotone.

  4. Another Cornell vote here.

    Not quite original flavour with VH, Eddie isn’t allowing Mark Anthony to perform, since he toured with Sammy. His 15 year old son Wolfgang is going to play instead.

    And Jeff, Crowded House, with or without the tool of lounge singing fool, Tim Finn? Not bad to listen to, but watching him overshadow Neil is a bit much to watch.

  5. I don’t know why there’s soo much people comparing cornell with zack de la rocha. Their styles are completely different. I have respect for chris cornell, like his music, but it can’t be compared to RATM music. de la Rocha lyrics say a lot more, and have a lot more political content than Cornell’s one.. wich are in my opinion, pop music.

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