This Might Explain Why So Many Scientologists Smoke or Why Tom Cruise is So Intense

New York Times: “Magical thinking is most evident precisely when people feel most helpless. Giora Keinan, a professor at Tel Aviv University, sent questionnaires to 174 Israelis after the Iraqi Scud missile attacks of the 1991 gulf war. Those who reported the highest level of stress were also the most likely to endorse magical beliefs, like ‘I have the feeling that the chances of being hit during a missile attack are greater if a person whose house was attacked is present in the sealed room,’ or ‘To be on the safe side, it is best to step into the sealed room right foot first.'”


  1. Very, very odd post from a person that clearly does not grasp Scientology.

    I’ve been a Scientologist for over 22 years. Was a smoker then. I’m not one now.

    I don’t really feel helpless. Good income, happy family, fun lifestyle. Doesn’t fit.

    Scientologist and happy to be one

  2. There is clearly no link between the headline and the article. The only purpose for the headline is to disrespect Scientology and Tom Cruise. How would you feel if someone did this to you without any provocation and, specifically, without knowing anything about you that was true? That’s what you have done because you clearly don’t know anything about Scientology or about Tom Cruise.

  3. Smoking is daft and it absolutely stinks.

    There is no logic to it at all, and the fact that so many scientologists smoke indicates that many of them are very stressed out people.

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