Recent Confusion

It suddenly occurs to the proprietor that he is allowing silly things to plague his mind and thus the blog here in question. Recent emotional currents rolling down my grand river of life have left me in states that involve (a) absent-mindedness, (b) placing priorities on things that I might otherwise never have considered, (c) operating on a tightly regimented plan in defiance of states (a) and (b), (d) divesting myself of a lot of needless muck, and (e) being far too nice and considerate to people, more so than the cheery days of March. The end result of this is something strange, productive, and otherwise unworldly. Nevertheless, it’s all true — indeed, truer than before. I’d go into more details, but the simple fact is that I’m not entirely cognizant myself and I need to memorialize much of these strange sensations privately before I can begin to be forthright about them publicly. Plus, some of the grand plans keeping the momentous rivulet gushing are still being carried out and the nautical expert’s results remain inconclusive. Plus plus, the details are bound to mesh with more details pertaining to completely unrelated things and developments rolling along (including this play). So there you are.

I’ll just momentarily state that I acknowledge your confusion, but out of this mesmerizing chaos will come, I suspect, a clarity deeper than before. For those who have waded through these waters, I admire your determination. I’ll do my best to provide life preservers and remind you to roll up your jeans before you get your feet wet. But at the present time, I cannot guarantee consistency in content, disciplined or otherwise. But I’ll do my best.