RIP John Updike

I have just been informed by several people that John Updike is dead.

Words fail me right now. And I have been lurched over for the last few minutes. Updike meant a lot to me. As much as Westlake, McGoohan, and David Foster Wallace. And I hope that I can bring myself to articulate something in the next few hours.

In the meantime, I will just say that one of my favorite Segundo interviews was Show #50, in which I had the good fortune to interview the man. I will reveal more of the story behind that interview later, and offer more words when I have a clearer head. But this is a major blow to American letters. Rabbit and Bech are now truly dead.


  1. Or Rabbit dressed up as Uncle Sam for a 4th of July parade, the glue on the fake beard useless in his sweat, Rabbit popping nitro-glycerin tablets to keep from having a heart attack.

  2. Interestingly, i just recently discovered John Updike… I haven’t fallen in love with all of his work yet, but i’m warming up to his candid writing style;

    his passing is a sad loss indeed

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