• It’s now an ungodly hour in the early morning and I’m currently more inclined to Lindy hop than sleep. Guess it’s time for a roundup!
  • Not a single word? Uh, not quite. These folks appeared on The Bat Segundo Show #46!
  • Two paragraphs of a review devoted to acknowledgments? Sorry, Mr. Ames, this is not really a review. And it isn’t because Mr. Ames and I disagreed on the book in question.
  • In the current Believer: Nick Hornby and David Simon. Next up: Garrison Keillor and David Mamet, where the latter will ask the former why he can’t say “fuck,” much less any word, with anything approaching cheerful conviction. (via Pinky’s Paperhaus)
  • After the Quake will be produced for BBC radio. (via Matthew Tiffany)
  • TONY‘s James Hannaham ponders publishing’s troubling racial disparity. (via Tayari)
  • Laila on NPR.
  • Take it from this Gibson reader, Mr. Asher. It was certainly a terrible job. “Inhabitants?” Uh, there was only one character in Pattern Recognition allergic to trademarks. The Times regrets the error.
  • You can see just about anything — however illusory — when banging out a generalization-laden essay.
  • James Wood is the most feared man in American letters? Get real. He’s a mere nitpicking titmouse. To be afraid of Wood is like having minor chest pains while passing the Grey Poupon from one Rolls Royce to another. If such a perception is even half-true, then the time has come for the literary world to get the wind knocked out of its too comfy constituency.
  • Emdashes has collected a helpful list of stories that first appeared in The New Yorker. My vote: John Cheever’s “The Swimmer.” I doubt very highly that anything as remarkably inventive as that story will ever appear in Remnick’s pages.
  • Believe it or not, there was a time in Dwight Garner’s career when he wasn’t a corporate tool. Case in point: this highly entertaining John Updike interview from 1996 that even has Updike revealing his feelings about Nicholson Baker, even if Garner can barely contain his antipathy for John Barth.
  • What happened to Ellison’s post-Invisible Man work? The WaPo goes fishing. (via Out of the Woods Now)
  • The Guardian reveals the longlist for this year’s First Book Award.
  • BODY: You are getting very sleepy. ME: Okay, I will try to sleep now. But where were you a few hours ago? BODY: Waiting for you to stop thinking. Was it necessary to look at all those YouTube clips of things resembling amateur cooking shows? ME: I can’t help it if the brain keeps going! I’m just naturally curious. BODY: We’re a service industry, you know. ME: A service industry of one! I have to get up in a few hours! BODY: Oh, you can hack it. Jesus, you’re neurotic about all this. You shouldn’t have taken a nap. ME: You were the one who hijacked ontological operations! BODY: You are getting very sleepy! ME: Thanks, body. Thanks a lot.


  1. Did you get my email? I meant “not a a single word” in relation to the recent Todd McFarlane discussion. No one has mentioned the great revisionist/contemporary take on OZ that Illusive Arts is already doing.

    Maybe I wasn’t clear – but I think I was. I opened with McFarlane after all and then went on about how I’ve written about Dorothy of Oz in the past.

    I’ll add the words “last week” again so any confusion about my intent is put to rest.


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