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  1. The funniest books for me, hand’s down, are the HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY series. Douglas Adams has always been my go-to guy in times of stress. Laugh out loud funny, but also tinged with melancholy–and more ideas per page than the next shelf of other books. I consider HITCHHIKER’S a religion.

  2. Funniest books: Your list seems awfully solid. Additions: George Singleton’s Half-Mammals of Dixie, among others of his books; Flannery O’Connor, in a mean and devastating mode; Nathanael West, likewise; George Saunders; Charles Portis; Lorrie Moore; Stanley Elkin. Tom Drury, dryly. And a shout-out for two writers I knew when I was in Cincinnati, Brock Clarke (Arsonist’s Guide to Writers’ Homes in New England) and Michael Griffith (Bibliophilia). And the spectacularly funny Joe Keenan, too, the only contemporary writer I know whose work makes my eyeballs hurt.

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