1. How does one go about reacting to a video such as the one in your secondary link? Is it funny? Grotesque? Immoral? Shocking? Revealing? Perhaps all of these things.

    Kudos to the editor who captured the looks of rapture on the young ladies faces during the climactic moments near the end.

    Then there is your selection, Edward, which is clearly as nonsensical as any footage I’ve ever seen. After reviewing it, I’m not sure which of us is more troubled.


  2. Well, my own reaction was a smile because these folks were having so much fun. But that’s just me. My tendency is not to judge other people’s sexual tastes or proclivities. I have my own. You have your own. It’s all good in the end, so long as a sense of play remains in the air.

    As for my first link, well it makes perfect sense to me. The declivity and the wild cackling of folks dressed as insects, pushing a sponge along in desperation, as if to keep some variable of cleanliness going while the ship is sinking. That, in my view, encapsualtes the current American economic factors perfectly.

  3. Sliding ants in Japan, what does it all mean??? Personally, I just spray them. Why would anyone want to dress up as an ant and then slide? What’s going on in Japan¿???

    Aunt (not ant!!!) Laura

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