[UPDATE: Snopes says there were no sex experiments by NASA.]


  1. Excerpt from Napoleon Bonaparte’s manuscript:

    “She breathlessly whispered, ‘I have always loved great men such as you. You are not at all short, like they say. Tall men are overrated. Everyone knows that short men are the greatest lovers. Short men command the fates of history…”

    (Oh, just kidding.)

  2. Strangely enough, all the sci-fi I’ve read the past few years has been British…not only science fantasy like China Mieville and Christopher Priest’s The Prestige, but hard SF stuff too, like Ian M. Banks The Algebraist and the Alastair Reynolds Revelation Space series. (Plus, the Brits gave us Doctor Who and Blake’s 7, which is a decent track record in the televised space opera dept.)

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