1. It’s pretty depressing losing the Post in the town where Clear Channel’s radio division was… hatched?

    For newspapers, it’s gotten bad. In addition to the Post and Enquirer, you used to be able to get the Indianapolis Star, Dayton Daily News, and Louisville Courier-Journal at any BN or Fountain Square News if you wanted perspective.

    The Star, DN, and CJ have long since stopped distributing here, except on the fringes, and the Star doesn’t even bother with the casino boat towns over the border in Indiana anymore.

    With the death of the Post, we’re left with the dogmatically conservative Enquirer. Our only alternative is the weekly City Beat, which is against anything the Enquirer is for.

    New Year’s Eve will be a sad day in Cincinnati.

  2. Man, that Post head was really tasteless, even for the post.

    Sorry you’re having trouble with Bloglines. I had lost all my feeds, but I attributed that to the new Firefox Christmas skin I installed. Once I dumped it and emptied my cache, they all came back.

    Now, for some reason, Bloglines is feeding mee up to 200 posts from some people, forgetting I had already read them.

    Still, I’ll be sticking with them. I’ve tried Reader twice and found it exceptionally clumsy. Bloglines throws up the posts much faster on my dial-up.

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