1. DBC, why the hell are you compelled to write about “blindingly obvious things”? Surely if they’re blindingly obvious, everybody has already noticed them, right? So what’s the point?

    Just a few groundbreaking topics from his next book: 1) the sun rises in the east; 2) rain descends to the Earth from clouds; 3) gravity is what keeps all of us from floating off into space. Thanks in advance, DBC!

  2. Pierre is one of the most talented and compelling writers to appear since Marquez in the 1967. You just don’t know quality when you see it. He sold 1.5 million copies of Vernon, which, for a literary fiction title, is astronomical. And his second book, while completely different in tone, structure, and subject, is equally compelling.

  3. All that talent, but he doesn’t know the dialectical difference between “fuckin” and “fucken.” 🙂

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