• Lest you believe that Texas (outside of Austin) is a bad place, I should note that this year is Conan’s 100th birthday and the folks in Cross Plains, Texas do know how to celebrate a native son. (via Slushpile)
  • It seems that US Senators have plenty of time to write books, but it can’t be an accident that most of the writers are Democrats. Call me a man of civic responsibility, but shouldn’t the Demos be putting all their energies into fighting the Republicans and gearing up for the midterm elections?
  • Colm Toibin’s The Master has won the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award. Strangely enough, Toibin is the first Irish novelist to win the award since its 1996 inception. He is also the first novelist named “Colm” to win any award whatsoever. The IMPAC people are now scouring the Irish countryside looking for more writers named “Colm,” hoping that they can be enlisted to keep IMPAC money in Ireland’s good hands.
  • This isn’t book-related, but since I’ve been listening to a lot of the Stranglers lately (perhaps, along with The Damned, the most underrated UK punk band to come out of the 1970s), I should note that Hugh Cornwell, the man who penned such unforgettable lyrics as “Whatever happened to Leon Trotsky? / He got an icepick that made his ears burn,” has a new solo album and gets the profile treatment from the Sydney Morning Herald.
  • RIP Ingo Preminger.
  • Billy Bragg is pissed at MySpace. (via Ron Silliman)
  • Mr. T Experience frontman Frank Portman has a book out. (via Largehearted Boy)
  • James Wolcot on The Complete New Yorker.
  • Stephen Joyce is an asshole.
  • An interview with The National’s Matt Berninger.


  1. Sir:

    Not one word about native son, Sean Wilsey. Dry comment from him, perhaps a quip – a bat interview. Please, you live in the land of Saigon Sandwich. Doesn’t that mean anything, doesn’t that get you movitated to plow ahead and discuss the local produce a bit more. I am all for organic and local – get on that wagon-train. More local authors with flavor, kind sir.

  2. As it so happens, Mr. Pelto, there are a few local author-based Segundo podcasts in the works. I’m dancing as fast as I can.

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