1. No! Really, no umbrage has been taken. I said I wouldn’t *react* like Neville and what I had in mind was that after ransacking all the bookshops and libraries and taking all the world’s books home with me for free, I would be a far worse survivor than he. Go out and kill vampires armed with nothing more than a flimsy piece of wood and some silly French cooking ingredient? No way. I’d stay in with the books and the whisky.

  2. In “Why the Rich Go Broke,” I hope you didn’t miss my favorite bit, in which George Foreman drops a literary allusion:


    Mr. Foreman, street-smart and now mindful of his wallet, has his own perceptive answers to those questions. For the man who came back from the brink, it’s all a matter of discipline and proper boundaries.

    “A lot of people just don’t grow up,” he says. “I mean, 65-year-old men. They just don’t grow up. They don’t understand that money does not grow on a tree and that you’ve got to respect every dollar. Like Rip Van Winkle — the guy who slept — they party, party, party, then they wake up. ‘Oh my God!’ And they do something desperate trying to recapture what they had. And it doesn’t work like that. You must stay awake.”

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