• LBC members Dan Green and Scott Esposito* on “style vs. substance.”
  • There’s hope yet for writers over forty. John Freeman (NOT an LBC member) believes the 40 year old Mark Z. Danielewski to be a “nice young man.”
  • Greil Marcus on Twin Peaks (via the Rake, who, as it so happens, is an LBC member)
  • LBC member Jessica Stockton has, perhaps, committed a solecism by publishing “Confessions of a Former Genre Slob.” This author is not, repeat NOT, an LBC member. And we will be having all sorts of serious discussions inside the LBC to decide the appropriate method to slap Ms. Stockton on the wrist.
  • Jeff VanderMeer (NOT an LBC member! Shock! Horror! A kitten has died!) is editing a pirate anthology.
  • Mark Thwaite is not an LBC member either, but he’s had the temerity to interview Hilary Spurling. Who does he think he is? A professional?
  • And speaking of diabolical amateurism, Phil Campbell has talked with Lorin Stein. Neither of these two men are LBC members. And it has caused me considerable pain and grief to link to that post. If I were President of the LBC, I am certain that the members would be coming at me with pitchforks. I’m sorry. I’m seeing my therapist on Sunday.
  • There was a time when Bud Parr was an LBC member. But he is no longer with the LBC. So it’s a bit dodgy for me to link to his post on amateur book reviewing.
  • I just got a call from LBC founding member Mark Sarvas. He’s telling me never to link to anyone or anything outside of the LBC again. He insists that we need to be as incestuous as the Hapsburgs and that I may “face severe consequences.” But how can I blog, Mark, when there are so many interesting viewpoints that are both inside and outside the LBC? Oh well. I’m sure things we’ll sort themselves out.

* — If John Freeman intends to promote the NBCC on the Critical Mass blog, then I suppose it’s only fair that I, likewise, promote the LBC.


  1. LBC member Jeff Bryant wonders why Mr. Freeman eschews the bloggers so much while being one himself. Nevertheless, LBC member Bryant needed this laugh after taking his baby, a potential LBC member in a couple of decades, for her first set of vaccinations. Horrible the cries. By the way, Jeff, LBC member, is still trying to figure out a good reason to make you, LBC co-founder, a mortal enemy. I could really use a fruit basket right now.

  2. LBC member, Dan Wickett, has begun stressing as it turns out that nothing he posts at his own blog ever seems deemed worthy, by LBC co-founder, Ed Champion, of being linked to. Even in LBC heavy Round-Up posts.

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