Scott McClellan Fired by Bush; Told He Wasn’t Enough of a Slimy Liar; Replaced by Unemployed Sock Puppet


RELATED: Vanity Fair profile: “In McClellan’s case, almost all of his sentences are dead on arrival. Even the pre-written sentences (most every briefing begins with a statement about the president’s schedule or the plausibly positive developments at hand—we’ve turned the corner in Iraq, etc.) are so bald and flat-footed that they become a kind of insult—he doesn’t disguise the bull.”


  1. I almost felt sorry for McClellan. Trying to put the words of a cocky, self-assued idiot into the best possible light, day in and day out, has to quickly become a soul-crushing experience. The only worse situation I could think of is doing PR for Pat Robertson–at least Dubya isn’t completely insane.

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